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    Our Mission

    To provide every boy, from grades 1-12 in the Wayzata School District, an opportunity to play basketball at a level that matches their skills and desire. The WBBA values:

    • Respect for Self and Others
    • Individual Skill Development
    • Positive Growth Experience for Players
    • Team Success - not measured only by wins

    A Word About PCA...

    Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) is a national non-profit organization developing "Better Athletes, Better People." Here is our story, including a video that features Hall of Fame Quarterback and PCA National Advisory Board Member Steve Young.

    Learn More

    PARENT >> 2-minute drill

    We will post current 2-Minute Drills, with all the latest news, views, videos, tips, tools, information and inspiration from Positive Coaching Alliance here.  For past articles CLICK HERE.

    Try Different Sports

    January 28th, 2015

    Issue 3 (3 parts)

    Among the many advantages of your children trying a variety of sports:

    • Broadening their horizons
    • Meeting new people
    • Learning new skills
    • Avoiding overuse injuries that can occur from playing the same sport year-round
    • Developing mental and physical skills that translate to their main sport
    • The possibility of excelling in a sport they had never considered, which can take them places neither you nor they ever imagined.

    Cultivating Team Leaders

    You will want to identify players who are leaders and others you can help develop into leaders. Youth have a way of communicating with each other that adults just cannot replicate, so it is often useful to let players lead in team meetings, practices, games and social situations. It will help all your players to hear voices of leadership other than yours. 

    Having athletes on your team who are leaders will improve your team's results. Plus, an important part of your role as a Double-Goal Coach® is to help youth become leaders who can lead beyond sports.

    Make Your Teammates Better

    An important part of leadership is making the people around you better. Your maximum effort, positive attitude and willingness to help teammates whenever possible will help them improve as players and people...and then the whole team improves. 

    A great way to do this is by sharing praise that comes your way (because, after all, you cannot succeed without your teammates) and by accepting responsibility for your own mistakes (because, after all, you always can improve individually). When this approach to leadership becomes contagious, your team will be difficult to stop, and you will be on the road to the relationships and life lessons that are the true reward of sports.

    A part of Positive Coaching Alliance's commitment to the Wayzata Boys Basketball Association, we want to make sure we can keep you update to date with some of the best resources possible.  We are very excited to announce the launch of the Positive Coaching Alliance Development Zone website.  The primary objective of this website is to give our partners a resource library to use throughout their partnership with Positive Coaching Alliance and beyond.
    One thing to note is that this website does not replace the exclusive Partner's Portal on our website but will act as complimentary and allow us to give you a lot more resources for your disposal.  Topics that are covered on the website include, but no limited to:
    • First Time Coaches
    • Playing Time
    • Hazing/Bullying
    • Coaching Your Own Child
    • Parent/Coach Conflicts
    Right now, there is over 400 different news articles, videos, audio clips, worksheets, book excerpts, and external links on the Development Zone website.  We will be constantly updating adding resources to all of these areas to make sure that we can have the freshest content possible for our partners.
    Please take some time to review the website.


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